Posted By Phase2 on 10/13/2020

To Justify Or Optimize? Getting The Most Out of Your Marketing Attribution

To Justify Or Optimize? Getting The Most Out of Your Marketing Attribution

Join Phase2 Strategists Annie Stone and Karina Schuelke as they discuss implementing multi-touch attribution to help your marketing efforts thrive.

Unlock insights in your data, create targeted and strategic testing opportunities, and provide new approaches to consider as you plan future iterations of your marketing strategy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why create an experimentation culture?
  • How to make attribution actionable
  • What kind of attribution is right for your organization?
  • How to get started successfully


Chris Jorgenson

From Fortune 500 giants to family-owned businesses, Chris specializes in helping companies thrive, maximize ROI from marketing budgets, and nurture a company culture that breeds success. In his role as Director of Marketing at Phase2, Chris brings 15+ years of experience leading B2C and B2B marketing campaigns and building inside sales teams.

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