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The Agile Approach to Patient Journey Marketing

The Agile Approach to Patient Journey Marketing

In this article from the SHSMD newsletter Spectrum, learn how UC Health, Ohio ramped up a digital patient-journey strategy within four months and realized a substantial increase in consumer engagement. 

Patient journeys are one of the hottest topics in health care marketing and with good reason. They can achieve excellent results by directing engagement tactics to where an individual consumer is on the decision-making continuum for elective health care services. By segmenting consumers along the journey, health systems The Agile Approach to Patient Journey Marketing can attain increased utilization, enhanced patient satisfaction and heightened loyalty.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

Within the first three months, 479 visitors responded to the one ad UC Health ran on Facebook. Twenty-five percent of visitors signed up for a seminar, took the quiz or downloaded documents from the microsite; and those 120 prospects provided a name, email address and other information that could be used in future consumer engagement initiatives. Seminar registrations increased 4 percent, and the conversion rate for surgery nearly doubled by month three.

Hudson feels the approach they used was especially agile because they started small and focused on one service line to map the patient journey. “The marketing automation component allowed us to integrate with these patients’ complete digital lifecycle,” she said. “Once we saw how they were responding, we could tweak the messaging and add new functionality based on the actual results. e success of this campaign has helped reinforce the need for a patient journey approach going forward.”

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