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Study - How to Write the Best Physician Profiles [New Data]

Study - How to Write the Best Physician Profiles [New Data]

Think beyond medical specialties and office locations: Your physician bios can be an integral part of your healthcare marketing strategy and even bring in new patients — if you do them right.

As a healthcare marketer, you should craft a smart and efficient physician bio strategy by figuring out what patients want.

Which is … what, exactly?

The Best Physician Profile, According to Patients

At Aha Media, we work with providers every day to write outstanding doctor profiles. We have a pretty good handle on what to write, but we knew it was time to dig deeper. We needed objective data that would tell us exactly what patients want to see from physician bios.

So, we pursued the challenge with a survey of 570 consumers — men and women between the ages of 18 to 70+. Below is our analysis on:

  • Where consumers seek physician information
  • What factors are most important to them when researching

The Results Will Surprise You (They Surprised Us!)

During our webinar on Oct. 24, we learned that three-quarters of attendees invest in writing/creating physician profiles. That’s a wise investment — because our survey results found that patients DO seek information about a physician before making an appointment. 75% of survey respondents said they read a doctor’s profile before scheduling.

But where patients find physician information is another story:

  • 27% of patients ask friends and family for recommendations
  • 25% of patients find physicians on insurance carrier websites
  • 22% of patients search online (i.e., Google)
  • Only 6% of patients visit a hospital website directly to find information on a physician
  • More men (11%) visit a hospital website to find a physician than women (4%)

data to help you write the best physician bios

Who is most likely to search your hospital website for a doctor depends on gender, age AND education, our research found.


  • People over age 71 are the least likely to read physician bios.
  • But in the under 71 crowd, more than 70% said they’re likely to read physician bios before an appointment.


Individuals with higher levels of education seem to rely on physician bios more than the less educated. Almost all education levels (less than a high school diploma through Doctorate) are at least 60% likely to read a physician bio before an appointment. But that likelihood increases to more than 80% for master’s degrees and more than 90% for doctorates.


Women are more likely than men to seek out physician bios and make healthcare decisions on their own. Men are more likely to make those decisions in partnership with a loved one or spouse.

Use the Data to Create the Best Physician Profiles

Ready to take your physician profiles to the next level? Here’s the recipe for the best bios:

1. Highlight the doctor’s experience, education and accepted insurances

These are the three details people care about the most:

  • Does this doctor have experience treating my condition? (Men care about this the most.)
  • Does the doctor have a distinguished educational background and proper credentials?
  • Does this doctor accept my insurance carrier? (Women value this the most.)

What DON’T patients really care about? Last on the list of preferences were the physician’s:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hospital affiliation

top factors for choosing a physician

How can you use this data? Potential patients care most about whether a doctor is qualified to care for their condition. So a physician bio should include:

  • Links to articles they’ve published or been quoted in
  • Awards they’ve received

Since patients want proof that a doctor knows what he/she is doing, display stats and facts prominently:

  • # of times the physician has performed a certain procedure
  • # of years the doctor has treated patients with a particular condition

Make insurance information easy-to-find from your physician bios:

  • DO include the coverage info on each physician bio, or link to an overarching Insurance Coverage page for the facility.
  • DON’T make users leave your hospital site (or waste time digging) to find what they’re looking for.

Example: Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children's hospital physician bio example

Example: Jefferson University Hospitals

jefferson university hospital physician profile example

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