Posted By Strategic Health on 06/12/2020

Show, Don't Tell: Building Trust with Patients

Show, Don't Tell: Building Trust with Patients

What is wrong with this picture?

You feel it too, right? Don’t you want to tell them:

  • not to sit side by side, to social distance
  • wait in the car till called
  • only bring those with you who have an appointment?

When people return for care, it will be a new experience. How will you educate them?

Show, not tell
Videos and still photography showing patients what to expect when they come for their appointment will ease their fear and apprehension. Showing them how you are keeping them safe is key.
As you transition from crisis response messaging and begin communicating with patients’ whose planned procedures were canceled amid the COVID-19 outbreak, you’ll need visuals to support your message. An image like the one above will not work.

If you need more resources to get things done ...
Let me know, we can be your extra set of hands. We understand that COVID-19 crisis communications have been your focus. If other communication priorities need attention, we can help. Email me at

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