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Posted By Unlock Health on 03/13/2019

Patient Engagement & Acquisition: eBook Download

Patient Engagement & Acquisition: eBook Download

Attention, healthcare marketers! Are you looking for fresh strategies to increase new patient volumes? Our latest eBook provides insights, tactics and the most effective ways to target users and convert them to patients.

Our new eBook offers solutions to bring more patients through the door. You’ll learn how to:

  • Accomplish your marketing objectives and goals with efficiency through Search Marketing
  • Showcase ROI and contributions margins to marketing dollars spent
  • Reach users at the most critical point in their healthcare journey – when they are ready to convert into patients

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Unlock Health, powered by the recent acquisitions of Eruptr and DECODE and supported by a team of experts in ROI design and technology, is healthcare's first single-source growth platform. We conne... Read more

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