Posted By Medicom Health on 01/14/2022

Hospital Marketing Saves Lives!

Hospital Marketing Saves Lives!

Hey, hospital marketers! Stop every once in a while and remind yourselves that your work saves lives! (This story involves our HRAs. But, obviously every motivational message you promote regardless of channel can have this kind of impact).

Marketing Saves Lives by Inspiring Health Action

It is easy to get caught up in strategy, tactics, metrics, ROI, and the operational minutia. But please, please remember this. The health interventions you cultivate through marketing outreach can be life changing, life-saving for real people. This is especially true for heart health and other chronic diseases that spiral out of control without intervention.

First, if you haven’t done it yet, take a two and a half minutes and watch the video testimonial on this page. Adventist HealthCare posted this video a while back and I watch it a few times a year just to remind myself why we truly make our assessments. (Okay, for those that skipped the video, it’s about a woman who credits one of our health assessments that Adventist features on their website with saving her life.)

Let that sink in a bit and give you some feels. The marketing you do every day saves lives. You know this, but I think it is too easy to minimize how awesome it is. And because this type of video is so motivational to other potential patients, creating and sharing it could save even more lives. Pretty cool! That’s the best kind of virality, especially in the face of crazy dangerous TikTok challenges we see in the news.

Health Action Starts with Health Awareness

Here at Medicom Health, we are a step removed from the patients, so we don’t get to see these stories as often as we would like. But I try to remind our staff of the good work our marketing clients are doing through different channels, including how our HRAs can help them increase health awareness. I want our folks to understand the small part they play in these patient success stories. It is rewarding to know that the products we make result in longer, happier lives.

“Thank you” to all the hospital marketers that make this possible. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Tony Huth


Tony Huth is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Medicom Health. For over 25 years he has developed award-winning software tools to help influential health organizations inspire and empower individuals to address their health concerns.

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