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Healthcare Brands + Blockchain: The Future of Digital Assets

Healthcare Brands + Blockchain: The Future of Digital Assets

Blockchain is more than the latest technology fad. It is an essential, next-generation tool that is helping healthcare organizations accomplish key strategic goals, including:

• lower overhead costs;
• mitigate HIPAA and data security risks; and
• protect and increase the value of key marketing and branding portfolio assets

Blockchain is an encrypted system that is used to record, store, and transmit information. This technology can be used for the safe and secure transmission of data between healthcare providers, payers, and patients. This includes patient records, financials, insurer claims, and vendor contracts and administration. Blockchain is also being considered by healthcare marketers and branding executives for digital assets management; branding and IP assets protection, digital marketing; and vendor contracts.  

There are three, transformative uses of blockchain for healthcare organizations:

• health information exchange;
• branding and marketing assets management and protection
• digital marketing

A successful healthcare brand and data management system powered by blockchain can increase security and efficiencies. It also can help to create and maintain a more valuable healthcare brand with lower risk costs. Blockchain creates immutable records of data which by design will guaranty security and integrity. Blockchain does not permit any user to tamper with data in the database – it cannot be altered, thus it is immutable. Such data integrity is critical across all phases of hospital operations, particularly in this new era of more stringent HIPAA regulations and related marketing compliance and protection standards.

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