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Posted By Point Across Media on 10/27/2020

Building Patient Confidence During COVID-19

Building Patient Confidence During COVID-19

In today's COVID-19 healthcare climate, your patient audience might be hesitant to seek in-person care.

How do you give them the confidence to step back into your health system? 

The following case study shows how video is a helpful tool. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Video Campaigns


Increase the number of women getting screening mammograms. This health system has seen a significant drop in patient volume since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.


To let women know what measures the health system is taking to keep patients safe and the importance of getting mammograms despite COVID-19. 


Produce videos for social media featuring key physicians from the Women’s Health team.  


Point Across Media created 7 new videos to be released throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. (example below)

Our Video Production Process

We always take extra precautions around everyone's safety.  In addition:

- We keep our on-site crew small. A producer and a videographer.
- We provide options to shoot in an off-site location or during off-hours.
- Capturing footage is efficient. We only take 30 minutes of a physician's time (this includes b-roll).

Telehealth visits are on the rise - Here we list all the ways video content can support your marketing efforts in this growing area. 

Service Line Campaign example plus the data behind the success of this content.  

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