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Best Practice Communication Takes Many Forms

Best Practice Communication Takes Many Forms

There is no such thing as “the best” communication channel whether considering internal channels for employee communications or external channels to connect with customers and potential customers. All organizations can benefit from having a wide variety of communication channels (both synchronous and asynchronous) to ensure that employees throughout the organization, regardless of role or communication channel preference, are receiving key messages.

The more channels you use, the greater the likelihood of your messages being received, and the greater the likelihood that the messages will stick. In other words, the greater the likelihood that your target audience will remember and be able to recall your message.

“We’re so tired of hearing…”

An interesting communication dynamic in any setting is that the people sending the messages tend to “get tired of hearing them” long before the people intended to receive the messages have really received them. They may have been exposed to messages but whether or not they were attentive to those messages, or understood them, is another thing! So repetition is good. Both repetition of the same message across multiple channels and repetition of the same message on the same channel.

8x8w – Communication Best Practice

Because your audience is diverse and their communication channel preferences vary, it’s important to communicate many times and in many ways. Asynchronous channels like emails, flyers, e-letters or newsletters, corporate publications, and even videos and podcasts provide an opportunity for employees to access messages in a variety of formats. In addition, having a repository of information available through internal channels like Slack, for instance, give employees access to information and answers to their questions—e.g. HR or benefit-related questions—on a regular basis and in an on-demand environment.

Synchronous messaging, like town hall meetings, one-on-ones, etc., also play an important role when delivering certain types of messages.

A widespread communication best practice is to take advantage of the multiple channels at your disposal to communicate eight times in eight ways—or 8x8w.

If you want your message to achieve reach and have resonance, that’s good advice to follow.

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