Posted By Core Health on 05/03/2019

Achieving Physician Buy-In

How to achieve physician buy in for your healthcare marketing initiatives, both internally and externally.


Stephanie: Today we’re going to talk about a really important audience and that’s physicians, and achieving physician buy-in for your marketing communications initiatives, both internally and externally at your organization. I’m going to give you four simple steps that will help you get closer, to getting that buy-in, and and really winning the favor of your physicians.

Number one. People buy-in to that which they helped build. This isn’t new information for you as healthcare marketers, but sometimes we forget this. Look for opportunities to bring your physician partners into planning sessions, pullback that curtain so they can see what you do, and contribute. Physicians have valuable insights, and it’s our goal to pull those extract those insights from our physicians.

Secondly. Find your physician champions and leverage them. Every healthcare marketing department has a team of physicians champions, whether you know it or not, who are out there and who are rooting for you, and who really want to communicate, the message that you have to share. Find them. Leverage them.

Third. Remember that physicians are scientists, and they like facts, stats, data, case studies. They need to know that this has previously worked. So bring in the data to support, what it is that you are proposing

Number four. Bring in a profit from another land. Sometimes people just need to hear someone from outside of your organization, say the same thing that you’ve been beating your drum to for months. So bring in a trusted consultant whether you have them on retainer, or whether it’s a friend, or someone who knows the industry really well. But that profit from another land can be just the push you need, to push an initiative over the edge and to get that really critical position buy-in.

Stephanie Burton, APR, is the Director of Healthcare Marketing at Core Health. Follow her on Twitter @shungerford.

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