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About Virtually Anywhere Interactive

With 20 years experience, we are pioneers in 360 virtual tour and imaging presentations crafted for business communications for a high-end, high impact 360 virtual tour experience. We work for smaller and top level healthcare systems and organizations as well as several other industries.  We have produced over 600 complete healthcare tours over 20 years in business.  Our 360 virtual tour platform is now ADA Compliant.

While we work for several industries, healthcare is our largest category.  Our tours are primarily used to orient the respective communities to a provider's facilities.  We are highly experienced in the following areas in Healthcare:

  • Hospital Tours - A hospital virtual tour puts your facilities in the hands of visitors through an online, self-paced, intuitive interface.
  • Standalone Service Lines - An online virtual tour shows your clinic in a controlled setting, without interfering with patient care.
  • Maternity Services - Online visitors can learn about your maternity center around the clock, regardless of your business hours, in a self-paced, relaxed environment.
  • Recovery and Behavioral Health - Programs benefit from showing off their facilities, physicians and caregivers, but in-person tours typically are not feasible, either for scheduling reasons or for sensitive privacy reasons.
  • Surgery Centers - An online virtual tour puts your surgery center in the best light, even for areas that may be under development or inaccessible. Surgery rooms and recovery rooms can be viewed online, with embedded links that provide further information directly within the tour images.
  • Retirement and Assisted Living Communities - Visitors can experience and learn about the many features of your property through an online, self-paced, intuitive interface. Embedded hotspots are included directly within the tour images, linking to more information about resident activities, medical services available, or other unique features of your retirement community.

Our platform is very intuitive to use, works great on mobile devices, has advanced analytics reporting, is ADA Compliant, and we publish conveniently packaged bundles that can work well with any budget.


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