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Submitted by Reba Thompson Reba on Tuesday, Dec 04, 2018

Years of business partnership has turned into long-term friendships with the PHN team. Their marketing solutions are not only smart and easy to use but provide high value for the cost. You have ongoing access to your target audiences in the push of a button. The tool can be customized to your liking in order to share specific calls to action, to promote services and to distribute relevant news. Even better, the audience self-selects what is important to them, so engagement is higher. Wonderful people, solid customer service and enjoyable to be around.

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We use the MedNews Plus service and have found it to be really helpful with our referring providers. They appreciate the service, it gives us a chance to get in front of them with useful content on a regular basis, and the support from PHN has been terrific!

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Private Health News is very easy to use and has great customer service when you have questions.

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I have known and worked with Private Health News for over a decade and can think of very few companies as focused and dedicated to a single craft as this group of healthcare marketing professionals. From consumer outreach to physician engagement, PHN offers a top notch email marketing platform, with great content, deep analytics and solid customer service. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build or enhance their email marketing program.

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I had the fabulous opportunity to utilize Private Health News products in my previous position at a major nonprofit health care system. Their product and team are outstanding. If you are looking for a tool to increase physician engagement within your hospital or system, please talk to PHN. Also, their My Health e News product will drive consumer's to your website with the latest health care news and opportunities to take health risk assessments to target consumers for their future health care needs. Private Health News is a vendor you will not regret talking too.

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Their MedNews Plus e-newsletter is a great tool to use in order to engage physicians with important news from our organization as well as breaking medical news in specific specialties.

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