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Review of K2MD Health

Submitted by Mary Keating Mary on Friday, May 13, 2022

K2MD is responsive, creative, and experienced. The team listens, presents well develop campaigns, and they work with the many nuances of a multifaceted health care organization. It’s been refreshing to work with a collaborative agency that understands our market and partners with us to develop relevant campaigns to capture the attention of our target demographics.I have really enjoyed working alongside this team both because of their professional expertise and also because I can tell that they are indeed doing what they love. Thanks K2MD.

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We've worked with K2MD on many projects in recent years and have found both their creative and their service to be truly exceptional. Their keen understanding of healthcare allows them to bring really relevant, valuable insights to their clients. And unlike most agencies, their copy is as elegant as their design - so rare! They enjoy most favored vendor status with our team!

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The K2MD crew is a pleasure to work with.  They took the time to fully understand our market and our needs.  They provide excellent customer service and are a great asset.

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I have worked with K2MD over the last five years and I have continually been impressed with their drive and skills in the healthcare marketing field. They really dug into the culture of our health system to convey the message of purpose, commitment and teamwork. Their efforts have garnered numerous, well-deserved advertising awards in our region. 

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I have worked with K2MD for more than 7 years. They are an extremely creative team who deliver quality work for their clients. One of the most effective elements of our partnership was the K2MD team's ability to listen deeply and then ask cogent questions about our goals for our annual campaigns. Those starting point discussions and the thoroughness of their questioning resulted in campaigns that were not only highly creative, but right on target for reaching our desired audiences.  Another aspect of our collaboration that was very helpful was their keen insight into how to stretch a budget to effectively maximize impact.  K2MD delivers on time, and with excellent follow through.  Working with the K2MD team is a delight, both because of their profession expertise as noted above, and also because, on a personal level,  the people who make up K2MD are delightful and fun to work with. I can highly recommend K2MD to anyone looking for a creative agency. 

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K2MD has been amazing to work with on our rebrand. We are still in the process of rolling out the new brand, but they have been extremely flexible. I am excited to continue working together with K2MD into the new year as we work on redesigning our website, rolling out the brand, and creating campaigns to showcase our new image.

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K2MD has been instrumental in the strategic branding for Lovelace Health System. From re-branding to understanding strategic initiatives and healthcare challenges, they have been our partner to navigate it all. They will thoughtfully dive in and create relationships to assist in your success.

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A partner that understands the constraints and governance of an organization and its stakeholders. K2md listens to the client, gathers the data to provide market research, and builds the analysis needed to present it for consideration. 

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