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Digital Accessibility - Informational Webinar on Digital ADA Compliance

Digital Accessibility - Informational Webinar on Digital ADA Compliance
05/19/2020 - 05/19/2020
1:00PM ET - 2:00PM ET
Price: Free

This ADA Compliance Webinar is presented by O8, in partnership with Accessible360 (A360). Please join us to learn more!

About this Event

In celebration of Global Accessibility Day (formally on 5/21), O8, in partnership with A360, welcomes you to a virtual event on Tuesday, May the 19th to learn about the inclusive practice of digital accessibility.

If your digital properties are not constructed to comply with the WCAG success criteria, your company is exposed to several risks, including legal actions and losing traffic. With 61 million Americans, (1 Billion people worldwide) having a disability, accessibility compliance is important for individuals to have an equal footing in the modern world. Simply put, meeting compliance is the smart, and right thing to do.


  • Background
  • Overview of ADA
  • Introduction to Law
  • Solutions
  • QA

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