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Your 2023 Observance Calendar

Your 2023 Observance Calendar

Hospital marketers, social media directors and service line managers: You can all benefit from using visual content in your monthly health observance outreach. Accurate, professionally produced medical animations and illustrations can be an extremely effective way to engage with prospective patients by providing important health information that attracts, educates and converts. Remember, you have to teach them to reach them.  Follow the links to review relevant content curated exclusively for each month’s observance.

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January is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of regular screenings and early detection for cervical cancer. In addition, hospital marketers and social media managers may want to leverage visual content to explain the importance of routine eye exams to combat glaucoma this month.


February is all about heart health and cancer prevention. Consider using visual content to help educate prospective patients about risk factors, diagnostics and treatments for both heart disease and cancer.


Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States. This month, reach out to your regional community with visual content that educates consumers about both colorectal and kidney health.


April is a great time to create visual content that promotes understanding and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Additionally, hospital marketers and service line managers would do well to consider visual content that raises awareness for oral cancers in April.


In May, the national focus is on arthritis, stroke prevention, and skin cancer. Social media managers and hospital marketers should consider visual content to educate consumers on the warning signs of a stroke, ways to prevent skin cancer, and the importance of managing their arthritis.


June is the time to consider cataracts, headaches, and scoliosis. Use visual content to educate patients on the warning signs of cataracts, treatments for migraine headache and scoliosis screening.


In July, we turn our attention to healthy vision as well as cleft and craniofacial awareness. Marketers and service line managers should consider using medical visual content to educate their communities about the importance of routine eye exams.


August is all about psoriasis and breastfeeding. Use visual content to educate patients about the importance of psoriasis treatment and promote the benefits – and the various techniques – for breastfeeding.


In September, we focus on atrial fibrillation, cholesterol and ovarian cancer. Hospital marketers and social media managers may consider medical animations and illustrations to convey the importance of annual checkups to maintain a healthy heart and keep their cholesterol in check.


October is about breast cancer and heart attack awareness and prevention. Hospital marketers can use visual content to educate patients about the importance of regular mammograms and self-exams. Additionally, creating visual content that explains heart attack risks can be an effective way to engage with prospective patients.


November observances include diabetes, lung cancer, and COPD. Boost your digital marketing strategy using medical animation to educate consumers about the warning signs of diabetes and lung cancer, as well as the warning signs, symptoms and treatment for COPD.


In December we turn our attention to the importance of handwashing and flu prevention. Hospital marketers can use visual content to educate patients about the importance of handwashing and getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of the flu.

2022 Harris Poll indicates that 88% of today’s consumers and patients are busy seeking online health information, becoming increasingly savvy health consumers. Incorporating visually engaging, impactful visual content from Nucleus into your digital marketing strategies ensures you’ll reach your regional community of patients by providing them with important health information. Building stronger relationships with your community as their trusted healthcare provider helps increase patient acquisition and improve outcomes through better educated patients!

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