Posted By Hedy & Hopp on 12/05/2022

When Healthcare Marketing Becomes Politicized

Today’s episode is so timely and so important to listen to. Jenny is joined by Bonyen Lee-Gilmore, Vice President of Strategy and Communications at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri. They have a wide-ranging discussion on the dynamics in the country, and in individual states, post-Roe.

Bonyen breaks down the current deluge of misinformation, and the many challenges that women are facing in a state like Missouri. From an almost total ban, the fear that even many types of contraception will soon be on the chopping block, the pushback on those seeking sterilization services, to fake pregnancy centers staffed by anti-abortion activists. She also talks about Illinois being a critical access state, how they keep up with all the changing rules and regulations, and some troubling trends in digital media platforms whose overreaching algorithms block critical information.

Listen ‘til the end to find out about Planned Parenthood’s Brands Against Bans, teaming with businesses to use their brands to support sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

Other links and resources mentioned: - Online tool that allows individuals across the country to understand what is accessible in their own states and neighboring states: 

Regional Logistics Center - Resource for individuals traveling to access abortion to receive transportation and housing assistance:

Connect with Jenny: 

Connect with Bonyen:

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