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Posted By Hedy & Hopp on 12/05/2022

Breaking Down Silos Within Your Marketing Team

It is vital to have a strong digital team to grow your organization and reach patient acquisition goals. But is your team performing as effectively as it could? 

Today Jenny welcomes Hedy & Hopp’s Director of Digital Activation, Lindsey Brown. Lindsey coordinates five different groups – Analytics, Paid Media, Development, Design/UX, and Digital Production. She talks about one of the most complex pieces of the job - determining when and who to bring in at any point during projects. She discusses tactics to avoid an overly-siloed approach and recommends always beginning with an analytics perspective to ensure measurement does not become an afterthought.

They discuss the decision on if and when to bring in outside agency partners by taking many different things into consideration, especially in the often complex and quickly changing healthcare landscape. Lindsey ends the show by explaining the planning process and the key ingredients to successfully working with an outside partner.