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The Trusted Source for Symptom Advice
About Self Care Decisions

We help you help your patients.

Our symptom checker includes 300+ care guides. It helps your customers make appropriate decisions on what action is recommended, based upon their symptoms. Each care guide also provides step-by-step advice on symptom relief (self care) for minor illnesses and injuries they can manage on their own. 

If medical care is needed, the symptom checker can funnel the ‘recommended action’ to your organization's facilities & services:

  • Your ERs, Urgent Cares, clinics, physicians, telemedicine
  • Your self-schedule options and/or scheduling centers
  • Your portal to increase utilization

Sometimes the recommendation is Self Care at home. These interactions build trust and loyalty to your organization. With each use, it reinforces your brand as a healthcare partner and resource. Differentiate your organization in the marketplace by providing this useful consumer tool.

Web Applications

Our symptom checker web application is easy to customize for your brand and connects users to your organizations facilities, scheduling and services. It can be installed within your consumer website, native mobile apps and/or patient portal. Implementation is easy!... and can be done in a few simple steps within our AppFactory configuration portal.

MyChart Integrations

Integration with MyChart allows the Symptom Checker to be launched from within the MyChart Website or MyChart Mobile app. For your MyChart patients, this integration personalizes and streamlines the symptom checking experience by leveraging the patient's name, age and gender throughout the self-triage process. It delivers appropriate patients to online self-scheduling, virtual visits and eVisits. The integration also supports sending the encounter summary to an In Basket, where it can be associated with an appointment, virtual visit or simply to inform the patient's practitioner within Epic.

Content API

Our symptom checker is also available via our REST API. This allows content distributors and application developers to provide our evidence-based content to users of their own web and mobile apps. Using our API assures your users will always receive the most up-to-date healthcare advice...while you focus on providing them cutting-edge web and mobile experiences.


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Submitted by a verified client on Monday, February 7, 2022

Great content and support team. Easy implementation!

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  • Licensed Health Content

I would include this vendor on my list

Submitted by Neal Linkon at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin on Thursday, July 26, 2018

The content from Self Care Decisions was an easy sell internally and has proven to be quite popular with our site and app visitors. Hard to imagine being without it now!
    Overall Rating

  • Licensed Health Content

This vendor would be at the top of my list
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The content from Self Care Decisions was an easy sell internally and has proven to be more


Great content and support team. Easy implementation! more

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