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Review of Healthgrades

Submitted by Neal Linkon on Thursday, Jul 26, 2018

We are just over six months into our journey with Healthgrades and their CRM and PRM, and while it's been challenging as everybody warned us it would be, the responsiveness of the Healthgrades team has been impressive. We keep making progress and are at the point where we're comfortable enough to share our results with our Finance team for validation, and that's a major accomplishment. We wouldn't be where we are without a lot of help from Healthgrades.

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Thanks to Healthgrades, consumers can find information about a provider and book an appointment right from their profile page. In addition, physicians can personalize their profiles with photos and videos to introduce themselves to patients which in turn enables a deep connection with consumers who are making appointments.

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Our marketing team is very committed to our providers because we are among the first people at our institution to interact with them. By showing providers how they will be visible on our site, we're able to establish trusted relationships and obtain buy-in.

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Parts of Healthgrades worked well for us initially. However, as our organization became more sophisticated in our need for segmentation and analytics data, we required a more robust tool. We had some difficulty making it meet our needs.

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