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Corrigan Consulting™ provides integrated business, brand and marketing solutions to create competitive advantage for health systems, organizations and businesses in the health industry. We are growth strategists, brand builders, social marketers, business storytellers and innovation catalysts who share a passion for the success of our clients. Our approach brings together the power of strategic thinking with marketing creativity, innovative design and social technologies to unleash the potential of businesses and individuals to grow, prosper and improve lives.

Service Focus


Healthcare Focus


Branding Service in Healthcare 
and Coaching Providers 
to Best Communications 

Why it’s necessary to create a culture of service for every touchpoint 
within the system – including and especially with providers.

Consulting Solutions

Just as DNA holds the code for how we develop and function as humans, a comprehensive plan contains information essential for healthcare marketing decisions and achieving healthy returns on marketing investments. A well-researched, coordinated, and measurable approach allows you to build a strategic roadmap for implementation.
Corrigan Consulting will partner with you to help your organization uncover your competitive strategy, develop a strategic plan to grow your market share, and evaluate and develop a compelling brand promise including a plan for execution. We can also help you evolve your team into peak performance in today’s technology-driven healthcare marketing environment.
We deliver solutions for clients of all sizes and maturity from large physician groups to multi-hospital integrated health systems across multiple states. Let’s talk about what challenges you are facing and how, together, we can bring a solution to your team.

Our solutions include:

  • Competitive Strategy – we’ll help you discover what makes your organization unique and create a plan for how to maximize that differentiation to achieve optimum market share.
  • Brand Strategy — we’ll uncover what’s important to your customers, how they view your organization against the competition, and the ways their experience with your brand impacts their view.
  • Service Line Growth – together we’ll ensure your strategy is closely attuned to your customers’ needs, wants, and healthcare spending priorities while creating an integrated, strategic plan to help you achieve volume and revenue goals.
  • Marketing Operations and Performance – we’ll help you assess your current marketing department, develop a high-performing team, and integrate and align your marketing structures across multiple departments.

Competitive Strategy

In today’s healthcare environment, much of our time is spent learning about and addressing new competitive dynamics. Reform mandates are driving fundamental changes to payment models, care processes, and delivery system structures. Consolidation and alignment among health systems, hospitals, physician groups, and post-acute care providers are on the rise. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Physician Relationship Management (PRM) are game-changers.

Trying to keep up with all the changes can be mind-boggling. That’s where we come in.

Corrigan Consulting can help your organization:

  • Develop actionable strategic plans that generate measurable returns.
  • Identify your organization’s clinical and cultural strengths.
  • Execute growth strategies across service lines.
  • Provide in-depth industry and market assessments, including competitive assessments.
  • Assist with organizational client relationship strategy and more.

Brand Strategy

At Corrigan Consulting, we help clients create and build brands aligned to focused growth objectives. We use both analytic and creative processes to assess a brand’s potential, create a distinct, competitive position, and develop strategies to build strong, healthy brands.

Brand Audits and Research

  • Discover what is really important to your target customers and what drives their actions.
  • Learn what consumers are saying about your brand and that of your competitors.
  • Show you what employees, physicians, and other stakeholders believe about your brand.
  • Define opportunities to build brand equity and identify barriers affecting success.

Brand Positioning, Strategy and Architecture

  • Identify and develop a differentiated, defensible market position.
  • Focus brand-building efforts on opportunities that drive growth and improve performance.
  • Create brand architecture and formalize naming conventions.
  • Measure brand performance and manage the integrity of the brand asset.

Brand Experience Design and Employee Engagement

  • Define and create unique brand experiences for patients, physicians, and employees.
  • Identify, design, and operationalize brand “touchpoints.”
  • Drive alignment across clinical, administrative, and marketing functions.
  • Establish programs that engage employees in living and delivering the brand promise.

Service Line Growth 

Today’s healthcare executives find themselves under increasing pressure to produce short-term financial results by building volume for core clinical programs and improving bottom-line performance through payor mix optimization. Healthcare executives – and marketers in particular – must become more strategic, develop a strong P&L mindset, and create greater ownership and co-accountability with operations for marketing, service delivery, and performance outcomes.

Corrigan Consulting can help your organization with:

  • Service line portfolio optimization including market expansion assessments, innovations, and planning.
  • Service line, ambulatory and post-acute marketing.
  • Integrated physician services marketing including PRM.

Marketing Operations and Performance

Build a High Performing Healthcare Marketing Operation
As healthcare marketing moves from MarCom to MarTech, executives must consider structure, functions, capabilities, and teams. As we shift toward an evidence-based approach, do you have what it takes to help create a high-performing healthcare organization? Corrigan Consulting can help.

We can assist you in assessing your marketing department structure, capabilities and skills by:

  • Assessing the current state of your marketing department.
  • Advising on the structure and investments required to create a future-ready, high-performing team.
  • Integrating your marketing structures to support multi-hospital, multi-divisional, and/or multi-market health systems.

Corrigan Consulting can help with your team in the areas of:

  • Team alignment and commitment to your organization’s growth.
  • Team structure and the tools to drive patient acquisition, retention, and financial outcomes.
  • Preparing your team to be fluent and conversant in the language of digital marketing.
  • Equipping your team to be ready for the competitive dynamics of healthcare reform.
  • Operating at peak performance.

Our comprehensive process will provide you with recommendations for:

  • Marketing organization redesign, operating structure, staffing, and skills.
  • Marketing infrastructure requirements (e.g. call center, CRM, PRM, digital marketing, etc.).
  • Marketing analysis, strategic marketing planning, investments, monitoring, and the all-important ROI.
  • Marketing resource allocation and budget modeling.
  • Marketing performance audits, team skills assessments, job descriptions.

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