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Top Trends in Reimagining the Healthcare Digital Experience

Top Trends in Reimagining the Healthcare Digital Experience
01/26/2022 - 01/26/2022
2:00PM - 3:00PM

Digital marketing has never been more important in healthcare than it has been during the pandemic.

Digital strategy is taking a leading role. The digital front door is redefining the next generation of digital experiences. Digital teams are working more closely with operations than ever before. 2022 is poised to place new emphasis on online conversions and self-service. Are you ready? Join Geonetric’s Ben Dillon, chief strategy officer, and David Sturtz, vice president of business development, to learn what trends and opportunities they are predicting should be at the core of your digital strategy for 2022.

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1). How increased choice and diminished loyalty are changing the consumer landscape

2). Why COVID-19 both accelerated access to care discussions and illustrated new gaps

3). What trends in optimizing the user experience you should be investing in

Presented by:

Ben Dillon
Chief Strategy Officer

Ben’s a big picture type of guy. He loves sharing new ideas in digital marketing, keeping a watchful eye on healthcare industry trends and seeing how it all intersects. A sought-after speaker, writer, blogger and former SHSMD president, Ben’s an influential voice in healthcare marketing, helping organizations across the country embrace online strategies to engage health consumers. Combine his industry savvy with his background in software development and you can see why he’s also an important member of Geonetric’s software team, ensuring our content management system stays a step ahead of market needs. Ben holds a master’s degree in eBusiness and strategic management from the University of Iowa and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.

David Sturtz
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

David uses his deep background in design, content strategy and product development to bring vision and innovation to Geonetric’s healthcare solutions. He has tackled healthcare digital marketing challenges from all sides, from designing user-friendly information architectures to building content management software that runs websites for hundreds of healthcare brands. David has previously presented at SHSMD and frequently speaks on a variety of user experience and digital strategy topics. He holds a master’s degree in library and information science from Drexel University and a bachelor’s degree in design from the University of Northern Iowa.