Never Normal: The Consumer & Patient Activation Playbook for 2022

Never Normal: The Consumer & Patient Activation Playbook for 2022
01/25/2022 - 01/25/2022
2:00PM - 3:00PM

It's not just the pandemic. Big retail players, staffing challenges, and new patient experiences are changing how we deliver and communicate about health care.

With all this change, how can healthcare leaders grow consistent, predictable relationships with their patients?

Alan Shoebridge, Chief Communications Officer at Providence, breaks down what it will take to thrive in this year's rapid change:

  • Effective outreach and engagement in times of uncertainty
  • 2022's staffing challenges and other changes
  • Getting started with your new playbook, even when conditions aren't ideal

Alan and Actium Health's VP of Applied AI, Chris Hemphill, are excited to guide you through these insights.

If you have stories or questions on gearing up for 2022, let's hear them! This will be a live interactive session.

Presented by:

Alan Shoebridge
Chief Communications Officer

Chris Hemphill
VP of Applied AI
Actium Health


Sponsored by Actium Health.*

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