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How Google’s New Page Experience Ranking Can Impact Your Site

How Google’s New Page Experience Ranking Can Impact Your Site
08/18/2021 - 08/18/2021
1:00PM - 2:00PM

Join digital agency MoreVisibility, for insight and guidance on how to achieve measurable SEO results. With Google’s most recent algorithm update already underway, User Experience (UX) is more important than ever.

Do these Google SEO terms sound familiar?

Largest Contentful Paint
First Input Delay and
Cumulative Layout Shift

These are the new page ranking factors! We will explain what they are, how they will affect your site and provide recommendations for your website’s future.

Learn how other health care providers are poised for these changes and the strategic direction their Agency, MoreVisibility, provided to help them prepare.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the timing and impact of this new Google algorithm update.
  • Quantititave measures by Google to measure  the UX of a website.
  • SEO Strategies and tactics to implement to avoid a decrease in website visibility.

Presented by:

Matt Crowley
Vice President Digital Services

Sponsored by: MoreVisibility