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Healthgrades: Covid-19 Resource Hub

Healthgrades: Covid-19 Resource Hub

10 Facts About COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges, but with the facts, you can take steps to prepare and help slow the spread.

Coronavirus Symptoms and Complications

5 Health Conditions With Increased Coronavirus Risk

Medicine Cabinet Essentials During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Should You Be Tested? Chat Now

Latest Stories In Coronavirus:

Social Distancing BINGO 
Have fun playing Social Distancing BINGO.

How COVID-19 Compares to Other Outbreaks
While COVID-19 statistics are alarming, the coronavirus pandemic is, sadly, not the first of its kind. In fact, since the beginning of time, there have been contagious diseases that have disrupted life and wreaked havoc on the world’s human population.

7 Things to Know About Hydroxychloroquine
Learn more about hydroxychloroquine’s use to fight malaria, why it’s prescribed for lupus, and what to know about hydroxychloroquine side effects.

Ventilators: What to Know About These Life-Saving Machines
A ventilator, or breathing machine, is a potentially life-saving treatment for people who can’t breathe effectively on their own. Many patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19 (the disease caused by novel coronavirus infection) need ventilator treatment.

How Hospitals Treat COVID-19 Patients
Learn about serious symptoms of the novel coronavirus disease, including difficulty breathing, and the types of supportive medical treatments hospitals can provide, including mechanical ventilation.

10 Myths About Coronavirus and COVID-19
Using hot air to kill the coronavirus? Get the facts behind this and other myths.

COVID-19: A Conversation With Our Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Brad Bowman, CMO at Healthgrades, provides answers to questions many people have about the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.

10 Surprising Facts About Coronavirus
Find out what doctors are learning about the coronavirus and COVID-19 including unexpected symptoms.

10 Positive Things to Do While Social Distancing
Social distancing can provide an opportunity to do positive things, including helping yourself and others.

Editor's Picks:

What to Do If You Test Positive for Coronavirus
What to expect after a positive COVID-19 test including how to protect those around you and when to call a doctor for worsening coronavirus symptoms.

Questions and Answers About Coronavirus
Learn which coronavirus facts we know and don’t know, including COVID-19 symptoms and the latest developments in treatment.

Coronavirus, Flu, Cold or Allergies? Know the Symptoms
Some symptoms overlap between all three viral illnesses and spring allergies, so it’s important to know the differences.

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